How much weight can the Bike Stand handle?

The weight threshold is around 60 lbs (27 kg) for a confident bike support application. 

Will the Bike Mount hanger hold an e-bike?

We do not recommend mounting an e-bike to this mount due to their weight and possible tire size restrictions. 

Does the ModWall Sport Panel need to be mounted to wall studs?

We recommend the MWS Panels be attached to wall studs for maximum weight applications. If not possible, make sure at least one part of the panel is attached to a wall stud and the rest are on wall anchors. 

How far apart are the mounting points of the panel?

The MWS Panel is designed for multiple stud and attachment preferences. The Project Panel has indentations for 16″ on center applications but can be attached anywhere in between those points. The Backplate panels for the Dual Shelf, Fishing and Cue Racks are 16″ on center only. 

What are ModWall Sport components and products made from?

US-sourced High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Can the panels-accessories be installed outdoors?

No, as of current versions, we only offer indoor-only components. The hardware used is not waterproof.

Are all accessories compatible with every panel and adapter?

Every accessory is designed around the ModWall standard 2-inch slot and will work with every slotted panel and will bolt directly up to every adapter. 

Where is ModWall Sport made?

Designed, manufactured, and assembled in Virginia, United States of America. 

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