Display, Organize, Configure

ModWall Sport began as an idea, a solution to an unknown problem facing many active and sports-minded people. Why should our lifestyles be kept away somewhere in a garage or dark attic collecting dust and mold, never to be seen? At ModWall Sport we believe in the “in sight, in mind” philosophy of products and services. Displaying a product or hobby in plain sight ignites a motivation to practice said lifestyle more, thus inspiring people to not store away their gear, forgetting about them as a result. 

Motivation is not our only philosophy behind ModWall Sport. Creating room and living space via means of organization are important aspects of a healthy and productive life. We designed this system to not only look appealing to a guest but to take up as little space as possible, enabling you to install it virtually anywhere indoors. 

When assembling your ModWall Sport accessories, you’ll quickly realize the lack of any solid directions in its configuration. With motivation comes inspiration. Not only does this package solve storage and motivations problems, it is designed to inspire the user to configure and customize the layout of their set-up according to their desire and need. 

ModWall Sport is a multi-functional, infinitely configurable system for practically any lifestyle, beyond what is offered by us. We inspired you, so go inspire the world. And remember, never hang it up! 

This is ModWall Sport.