MWP Large Driver Rack

Use the provided 1/8 inch hex key and fasteners to attach the triangular support brackets to accessory.

MWP Large Tool Rack
MWP Small Driver Rack

Use the provided 1/8 inch hex key to fine-tune fasteners to panel slots. Tighten fasteners until play is eliminated or to preference.

MWP Panel

Locate your wall studs (16 inches apart), mount provided drywall screws into designated points on the panel, and secure the panel flush to the wall with the screws.

Find suitable wall space for your 22” x 48” ModWall system by locating a wall stud for the edge of the panel. Measure and mark the locations of the other (3) studs at 16” on center intervals.

Prop the panel up on the wall using one hand to hold it in place as you line up the edges to the marked studs. Drive a screw into the top third stud indentation to help horizontally align the panel with a level.

Once level, continue installing the rest of the provided screws into their designated locations. We recommend 12 screws per panel for a secure system. Make sure the screws are fully tightened into the panel indentations for easy accessory installation.