ModWall Sport system Mounting Blocks or MB Adapters are compatible with all MWS accessories. Whether you need more stability or offset capabilities, the MB1 and MB2 Adapters give you a variety of options to make your setup more customizable to your preferences.

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The Mounting Block  Adapters come in two sizes: MB1 Adapter and MB2 Adapter.

  • MB1 is a single-position stability adapter for parts such as Headwear and Shoe Mounts which are vertically installed and need extra stability for aesthetic and user purposes.
  • MB2 takes the MB1 to another level by adding the ability to attach multiple MWS accessories and/or offsetting them from a MWS Panel or Nano System. This enables attachments to be mounted behind objects like Headwear Mounts behind a board as seen in the Snowboard Package for example.

Material: High Density Polyethelyne

Also included: fasteners, hex key.

Additional information

Shipment Weight 0.5 lbs
Shipment Dimensions 5 × 10 in
Adapter Options

MB1 Adapter, MB2 Adapter


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