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A modular, portable, and waterproof solution for bike support and storage. The ModWall Sport Bike Stand is suitable for washing, working on, and showcasing your bike anywhere you go.

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An adjustable Bike Stand for every need. Easily the simplest to transport, it’s waterproof, and can be adjusted to any tire width. The Bike Stand is capable of holding up to 60-lb bikes; great for heavier ebikes. It was designed to fit the most common bike wheel sizes, that being 26, 27.5, and 29ers. The Bike Stand is available in black, grey, and tan to suit your color scheme and preferences.

Tire width sizes: Road (0.66″), Gravel (1.26″), Cross Country (2.1″), Trail (2.4″), Plus (2.8″), Fat tires (4″) and full width setting (5.4″). These values are spaces between settings of the modular Bike Stand and have wiggle room for bigger and narrower variations of tire width due to tire and material flex.

It is made up of four parts which interlock in order to create a sturdy and modular support system. When not in use, the Bike Stand can be broken down flat and transported in a backpack or in a bed of a truck.

Material: HDPE

Featured on Berm Peak (marker 8:28 min)

Additional information

Shipment Weight 5 lbs
Shipment Dimensions 36.5 × 8 × 2 in
Bike Stand Color

Black, Grey, Tan

5 reviews for Bike Stand

  1. David Pogoretskiy

    Works great! Excellent quality!

  2. colton

    Working well. Wont fall apart after years of getting wet. Holds anything from my gravel bike to my plus tire MTB.

  3. Clint (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  4. Jamie

    Love that it is waterproof for washing my bike. No more leaning it against my house or garage and getting mud all over the place! Plus it’s great for servicing the drivetrain bc the pedals spin freely and don’t catch on anything.

  5. Cody (verified owner)

    Great stands. Makes storing, washing and bike maintenance so much easier.

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